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The only thing certain is uncertainty – that is what I could say about my life right now.. as a consultant – I do not know where my next destination will be.. I work for 3-4 months at a time in one place.. travel back home on weekends.. sometimes I work from home, sometimes from the hotel (like when I happened to be in NYC and DC during the weekend that the superstorm Sandy hit that part of the world).. When my 3-4 month contracts near the end, there is always the uncertainty – will the client extend the contract, will I continue in my comfort zone, or will I have to travel to another city and start afresh.. will I be able to meet my husband this week.. or will he be in another city by the time I get back home..

The most unreal question in such a situation is “what are your plans?” – the loaded question that many people hurl at me (especially when I am back home in India – actually meaning to find out every conceivable fact about my life which is of no consequence to theirs – whether we are planning to be in the USA or come back, when are we buying a house, or more importantly – WHERE are we buying a house, when are we starting a family and many other oh-so-very important questions like that..)

I tend to ask them back – “plan for when ? I can tell you my plan till tomorrow, but that might change too.. ”

To which they stare incredulously..

As if they know whether they will even be alive the next day to find out.. God forbid !

Really – can any one of us say with certainty whether we will be alive tomorrow ? Did the people who lost their lives in 9/11 know what was coming up when they left their house that morning ? Yet we worry about the future, not only ours, but other people’s too 🙂

We live in an age of uncertainty – more than ever before in the history of humanity..

We do not know what destruction mother nature is going to lash on us – not able to cope with the completely unabashed abuse of the environment by us humans..

It worries me more that there are going to be more superstorms like Sandy – rather than where I will be next month..

It worries me when I see people oblivious of the damage they are causing to the environment..

It worries me that so many people are not living their full potential because they are caught up in the events, experiences and notions inside their little head..

Now I know what my Master meant when He said “If you have to worry – worry about big things like- what is going to happen to this earth”

Where is the time to worry about my mundane and insignificant existence ?

And why should I – when I know that the Divine is taking care of me ?

With a lot of uncertainty in my head yesterday, I had opened the page “What Sri Sri said today” – and the post of October 22, 2012 popped up felt like – He simply was talking to me “Know that you are loved very dearly.. You can be upto the nose in water – but know that you will not be allowed to sink”..

Such is the connection with the Master – the Satguru – even 1000s of miles away in time and place – He hears your questions, and answers them.. The knowledge never fails you.. like the “brahmastra” (the great weapon) – the knowledge comes to you when you need it.

And time and again in life – I have seen that.. holding on to the last bit of “doer”-ship – I have struggled to stay afloat.. and when I let go and surrender – then I am taken to the shore.. on a much more majestic “ship..” by the Divine..

Standing at a juncture in my life haunted by questions to which I have no answer – I just remember what the master says “You can deal with the uncertainty of the world when you are established in the certainty of the consciousness”

When many of my friends wonder how I deal with so much uncertainty – I simply smile and let them wonder, what the secret is 🙂 it is being in unconditional love, with the Divine.. and knowing that you are being taken care of 🙂


Author: debjanimitra

Faculty and volunteer - Art of Living Currently stationed in the capital on India, Delhi Born and brought up in the City of Joy - Kolkata, India

5 thoughts on “My ship through all superstorms of life !

  1. I can very well relate to this Debjani..thanks for penning it down so beautifully n sharing:)

  2. Beautiful post.. Loved it!
    It really is all about being in unconditional love with the Divine and just KNOWING that everything is being taken care of.

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