Grace & Knowledge of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in my life

My journey as a spiritual seeker

Journal of a seeker..

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I started this blog to talk about my journey as a spiritual seeker.. every day realizations of grace in my life, and knowledge of the infinite, that makes every rough situation in my life livable and every mundane situation joyous, every celebration an expression of gratitude, and every moment in life a celebration..

What all of this sums up to – is having a living Master who opens your eyes to all the possibilities that life holds.. and who loves you unconditionally.. If I were google, I would be feeling lucky – because my search for that unconditional love ended when I ran into Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – who is nothing but the embodiment of pure love..

This blog is a humble attempt to share all those incredible moments in my life that are experiences of that unconditional love..


Author: debjanimitra

Faculty and volunteer - Art of Living Currently stationed in the capital on India, Delhi Born and brought up in the City of Joy - Kolkata, India

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